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Port Explorer is a typology of personal electronics utilizing macro photogrammetry to capture and model unseen spaces that we carry with us daily. The collection presented is comprised of the charging ports of people’s personal devices: USB-C, Apple Lightning, and USB-A.

Rather than a reflection of an individual, I believe these captures to be a refracted representation. Not much personal information may be derived from these images, but the use and collected grime, lint and dust found in these spaces has unique personal ties and presented as a typology they become the personality of the images.

It was my aim to capture and represent these spaces as micro-verses that the viewer could navigate and explore. Using the Bebird otoscope and compiling into Agisoft’s Metashape, I brought the resulting 3d models into TouchDesigner to create a gallery of 3d responsive models. The viewer can control and navigate each model by clicking and dragging with a 3 button mouse.


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