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Here & There

Here & There is a small series of scenes depicting domesticity during quarantine. The avatars in the scenes embody the hope, dream, and opportunity of other places, speeding through locales that contrast to the stillness and current constraints of home life.

Using a Kinect Sensor, TouchDesigner (a visual programming language), and access to IP Cams I built a system that transformed a person to become a mediated avatar, that through it’s body displayed other parts of the world.

This project was awarded a Residency-In-Your-Room Fellowship: Juried Grant from the CMU Frank-Ratchye STUDIO for Creative Inquiry, Spring 2020

Further work on this project would expand the series to stage more scenes, as well develop a more fool proof overlay of the body and limit artifacting.

This project was the first time I worked with the Kinect sensor and much of the R&D was seeing what could be accomplished in TD and how best to manipulate the sensor data. There are countless of things to explore with it and I'm excited to see what else I can build with it and continue to build off this project.


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