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For Strange Sun Theater's Fall 2016 season, Sean mounted a new version of Anton Chekhov's classic The Cherry Orchard.

The Orchard, after Chekhov is the synthesized story of Chekhov's; using multiple translations Sean rewrote Chekhov's story of a family clinging to the past and their familial home, and being forced to make plans for their uncertain future. An orginial cast of 13 was paired down to 7.

Whereas the final moments of Chekhov's are underscored by the resonate blows of an axe felling the eponymous Cherry Trees, The Orchard, after Chekhov inflates a tarp that as it fills with air, swallows the stage.

October 20th-29th, 2016

Flamboyan Theater, at the Clemente Soto-Velez Center

Presented by Strange Sun Theater

Set Design by Jonathan Cottle

Lighting Design by Michelle Tobias

Stage Manager Kat Governik

Assistant Director & Stage Manager Marissa Shadburn

Run Crew - Dahlia Sevilla


Paul Albe*           Hadley Boyd

Jade' Davis.         Michael Donaldson

Varvara Ilchenko   Cesar J Rosado

Alec Silberblatt*

*appeared courtesy of Actors Equity

Photos by Kye Ehrlich

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